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TLC-dBASE is the name of our system that hosts tree inventory information for our Clients. With the need for information to be known at a moments notice and with the information super-highway at our finger-tips it became a very easy decision for us to provide a system that wasn't only fast and easy to use but extremely accurate as well. The thing about technology as we might already know is that even though it is new it is already being outdated as we speak. Our new system has an incredible interface that has already proven to take a City's existing tree inventory, normally in the hundreds of thousands of records and upload it to our system within a few seconds. TLC-dBase is available to our clients 24-7, and we update work history for our clients on a real-time basis. TLC-dBASE comes with maps, street views, work history records, GPS coordinates, and multiple users as well as other useful functions.