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Why is pruning necessary?

There is a need for systematic pruning during the first years of a tree’s life. This formative tree pruning will improve structure, reduce hazards and save money in the long-run. Establishing good structure and form in young trees will prevent future hazards and liability and will improve the overall health of the tree.  Common problems included crowded crotches and multiple leaders. These are easy to correct in young trees, but difficult and costly to fix in larger older trees. Furthermore, consistent pruning saves money by establishing proper tree care early, reducing the need to make costly corrections later when the tree has matured. Studies have also shown that having a beautiful healthy tree on or near your real estate increases the value of your property.

Do you have a Certified Arborist?

Yes...our company has very capable Certified Arborist that would be able to help you with any of your tree related questions or concerns. We are also able to help with written Arborist Reports.

Is your company licensed, insured and bonded?

Yes. Our company is licensed with the State of California...we are also fully insured and bonded.

Do you recycle your green-waste?

Our company prides itself on recycling all of our green-waste at specific recycling facilities. We are constantly studying and being inspired by different ways to use tree debris at its most organic element.

How do I know if my trimmer will prune my tree correctly?

Ask the arborist if they prune according to the American National Standards Institute standard for tree pruning, called ANSI A300.

How soon after my estimate/proposal can I schedule my project?

Your project can have a 24 hour turnaround time depending on the urgency.

Can I get wood chips?

Yes. We are always looking for customers to accept wood chips. This is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of the wood chips. Wood chips make great mulch which are a cost effective way to prevent weeds from sprouting up in your garden. Mulch also helps keep moisture from escaping prematurely from the soil through the transpiration process which means your plants will be able to retain moisture a bit longer. A load of chips is about 10 cubic yards of mixed tree material.

Do you perform brush and/or lot (hill) clearance?

Yes. Our company performs brush clearance for fire hazardous properties and lot (hill) clearance of all sizes.

Is there an extra charge to clean up the tree pruning debris?

No. Our company gives you a fully executed proposal indicating that the quote reflects "clean up and hauling away of all tree pruning debris".

Is your company fully equipped to completely remove trees and grind the stumps?

Yes.  Our company fully owns all of our equipment and is able to do any project no matter the magnitude. There will never be any extra charges from us for equipment rental.