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Since 1977 until about the late 90's we had been based out of Inglewood California and since then we have been based out of South Gate, California. Trimming Land Company (TLC)  has grown to employ over 50 service professional employees including IT personnel, accountants, bookkeepers, ISA Certified Arborists and Certified Tree Workers. TLC has serviced over fifty (50) municipalities along with Airports and an extensive list of school districts, business associations, commercial and residential clients. We organize our employees and our systematic approach based on specific regions and work on hand. We move large crews as well as 2-man crews to be able to better serve our clients and to ensure that their needs are met. This amount of coordination happens with the proper use of our office managers as well as our field managers.

As a full time Tree Care Company, we specialize in complete Urban Forestry Services which includes:

  • Tree Planting/ Tree Grants
  • Caring for Young Trees
  • Program Pruning (Grid)
  • Safety Pruning
  • Traffic Pruning
  • Pruning based on Tree Species
  • Power-Line Clearance and Street Light Clearance 
  • Hazardous Tree Removals (compatible with Crane Specialists) 
  • Tree Risk Assessments
  • Service Requests
  • Stump Grinding along with laterals and backfill (DIG-ALERT,Call before you Dig)
  • 24 Hour Tree Emergency Response
  • Tree Inventory collection
  • Tree Inventory warehousing (Work History available 24-7 from our website)
  • GPS Data Collection (GIS ArcView Compatible)
  • Certified Arborist Reports
  • Municipal tree worker training available
  • Sidewalk Repair from Tree Root damage C-27 License (Masonry)
  • County Channel Clearing and weed abatement
  • Residential, Commercial and Municipalities

Safety Training

All TLC field employees receive safety training since day one of orientation. Safety training is then repetitive throughout weekly tailgate meetings in the field. Our Safety Coordinators and Supervisors provide training to all employees in the field and help assure compliance with local regulations as well as with Cal-OSHA and Federal regulations. TLC employees receive on the job training and more specific safety training such as :

  • Aerial Rescue (Climbing)
  • Aerial Rescue (Bucket Truck)
  • Lowering the Boom from the bottom controls
  • Chainsaw Safety
  • Tree Felling/ proper roping
  • Electrical Hazards awareness
  • Traffic Control (WATCH) manual
  • Chipper use and maintenance
  • Tractor Operations
  • First Aid/CPR